Closed Alpha is...out?! - Newsletter #11

Closed Alpha is...out?! - Newsletter #11

Hello to all our backers and newsletter readers! We’ve got a ton of updates to share with you this time, so let’s dive right in.

Closed Alpha is...out?!

As I write this, we’re putting the final touches on our Closed Alpha. We spent a lot longer than we expected, but we also got a ridiculous amount of polish and new content/features into the Closed Alpha. We wanted to make sure the build tested all major systems. This includes progression, combat, core loop, outfit systems, UI, cutscenes, etc. Doing this allows us a solid roadmap that could be worked on while iterating on feedback and bugs during Alpha. Our worry was if we put out Alpha too soon, we’d be buried under bugs or feedback and content.

Caves are getting bigger.
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Closed means Closed.

Some of this work isn’t final, and because of that, we are requesting Alpha Backers not stream or share what is in the Closed Alpha. We want to keep the feedback loop small for now, and we worry streaming/recording/sharing the build will make it much harder for us to manage feedback. Being a team of 3, we want to build some confidence in responding and managing feedback and hope everyone can respect that request.

Player Progression?

Yep, it’s not mandatory. You can play the game straight through, only pick up minimal items and take on the bosses to the best of your ability. Or you can search for items and outfits that’ll improve your character's stats and abilities. On top of that, you can upgrade the outfits and equipment to better your odds even more. For example, upgrading the sailcloth will allow you better control in storms and time in the air.

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As we’ve mentioned before, we’re not ready to throw out a specific 2018 date for the initial release yet, especially without seeing the feedback from the upcoming Closed Alpha. We’ve received many emails and messages from our backers asking us to take our time and not rush PFTG, which we appreciate. The closed beta and initial PC release will depend on the feedback and additional work done during Closed Alpha.

What else is going on?

It’s crazy to think of how much work we’ve done since the last Newsletter.

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+ Inventory UI improvements, including “3D paper doll”
+ HUD UI pick-up overhaul
+ “Bread crumb” notification system
+ New 3D Items and 2D icons for inventory
+ Menu screen updated!
+ Initial starting area updates
+ Boss balancing on Yeti, Crow, Boss 3
+ Minion levels added
+ Upgradeable outfits
+ New outfits and refined outfits
+ Breaking outfits into body, boots, gloves
+ Stamina upgrade progression
+ Upgrade material items and tiered upgradeable items
+ Island/territory rework
+ Refined overall controls, including grapple hook and climb controls
+ Feedback Button that directly sends us log information, screenshots, etc. (this is HUGE for testing!)
+ More caves:)
+ We got deer, boars, rabbits, and crows in
+ New music added to tower battles, new live choir recordings for Awakening and Hymn
+ Explosive arrows 

New Outfits and Outfit Updates:

We got the light outfit in-game and improved the heavy outfit a bit.

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Explosive Arrows:

We’re still trying these out, and so far, they are a ton of fun.

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Hunting Boar/Deer:

Get meat and fur from these if you can find them and not scare them off. They use the same line of sight and will run from you when they see you. You can’t just run onto them; headshots matter too. They’ll leave behind meat and fur that can be used for survival. The meat size differs for boars, deer, rabbits, and crows.

All images © 2018 - No Matter Studios, LLC

All images © 2018 - No Matter Studios, LLC 

Feedback Button: 

This may seem trivial, but it’s a big deal for us and how we’ll be able to track feedback and bugs. Before this, we received feedback in emails from friends/family, and it was a big ask for those people to write up their experience after they played. Now, if players find something cool or a bug, they can send us feedback right then and there. It’ll send us a screenshot, feedback, and gamedata/save the log to help us solve the problem.

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Caves have proved to be a ton of fun to both make and play through. No doubt we’re going to be adding as many of these as we can. Hiding items and secrets in the caves and making them a bit of a test of skill with the grappling hook & platforming.

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All images © 2018 - No Matter Studios, LLC 

In January, we did our first choir recording at Western Washington University. This was Brian, Ian, and Dan’s Alma Mater, and we were able to work with the exceptional concert choir to record some passes on the tracks Awakening and Hymn. We’re still looking to do further live recordings once all the music is completed. We’re finding a nice balance of live instruments mixed with a live choir and some samples to give atmosphere and consistency.

To give you a preview, we’ve gone ahead and dropped a quick video of Ian working with the choir. We also took up our friends that recorded us during the Kickstarter for some mini-documentary stuff that we’ll share later on.

Boss Updates:

Recently, we’ve been focused on tying up Closed Alpha. Mainly things like additional polish and balance as well as a couple new ways to defeat the bosses were added. We did rework a little of the 4th boss battle. Also, we tried out a couple new ideas for future bosses that are proving to be pretty promising but are still too early to explain in detail other than they are a lot of fun.

We're nervous and super excited to see what the backer will think of the Closed Alpha!

-No Matter Studios

Exclusive Desktop Background

Until our next update, here’s an exclusive desktop background for our backers and newsletter readers / All images © 2018 - No Matter Studios, LLC

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