Newsletter #16

Early Access Roadmap of Development - Newsletter #16

Hello to all of our backers and fans!

We’re back with another development update. Praey for the Gods has been out on Steam Early Access since Jan 31st, and continued development has been going great. Initially, we made some balance adjustments and quality-of-life improvements. As feedback came in from players/backers, we compiled and balanced that with our initial plans to create a roadmap to show our development to v1.0. We’ve since released updates on a 2-3 week schedule with features and improvements aligned with the established roadmap.

Early Access Roadmap of Development:

PFTG roadmap

Console ports have begun.

With the recent engine update, we will now begin porting to consoles. Chien will be doing the heavy lifting on the console ports(Thank you, Chien!!), while Tim and I will focus on additional content and asset optimization. We’ll work in parallel to tie up the other planned content while Chien wraps up the console ports over the next 6-12 months. Currently, we’re trending well with our development and will know more about our release schedule for v1.0 once console ports are further along. We did get the game up and running on PS4 and have a video to prove it though we legally can not show the devkit. This was a BIG step; getting it running on our first try is pretty amazing. However, we still need to optimize the game to pass through certification and release it on consoles. Xbox One porting will also need to be done, and Xbox One/PS4 versions will need to be released simultaneously per platform holder rules. Because of this, we can’t put our finger on a release date for v1.0, but we’ll keep you updated with development as we go.

Development Updates

Since our launch into Early Access we’ve pushed a number of updates on Steam.
We recently had a major engine update/optimization pass that increased performance for both PC backers and prepared us for console porting. We also added our first pass on Achievements and are in production on the next 2 bosses with the third concepted out. These new bosses are going faster than previous bosses which is great news and will allow us time to focus on additional features in development. Until then, feel free to browse the features we've added since our release.

PFTG development updates

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Early Access Updates Thus Far:

+ Achievements (for Steam, though we imagine most will carry over to console)
+ Echo Mode (boss replay in game)
+ Performance improvements
+ Weapon Repair/Dismantle
+ Navmesh update
+ Camera Distance options
+ Key Rebinding
+ Game rebalancing in Easy/Normal settings
+ Additional Language support
+ Bug fixes

We've also started to stream on Twitch when big updates go out on Steam. In these streams we review the roadmap, Q/A with the audience, and show off the new content and features that we released. Be sure to catch us on the next stream!

So what's next!?

Our focus now is on our roadmap of development towards v1.0 of Praey for the Gods, working everyday to make the game bigger and better. Until the next update, feel free to hop on our Discord Channel -- we are always available for further questions or feedback that you might have!

Thank you again for your support
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