WHERE IS MY KEY?! - Newsletter #15

WHERE IS MY KEY?! - Newsletter #15

Hello to all of our backers and newsletter readers!

Praey for the Gods ships to Early Access on Windows/Steam TODAY, January 31st, 2019!

This is the first stage of release for our game, Praey for the Gods. It's been a dream to work on Praey for the Gods thus far. We can't thank you enough for believing in us and supporting us for so long.


Praey for the Gods climb glide swimAll images © 2019 - No Matter Studios, LLC


Humble Bundle will send Steam keys out today (January 31st, 2019) to our Windows/Steam backers. You will receive an email from them right around the time the game goes live on Steam Early Access. They've been assisting us with Steam key distribution, which has been a massive help for us, and we honestly can't thank them enough!

Humble Bundle will be your main point of contact for any issues with receiving your game key.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your rewards, please get in touch with Humble Support.

The soundtrack is available for purchase...seriously it's fantastic.

Praey for the Gods Soundtrack link

All images © 2019 - No Matter Studios, LLC


The Praey for the Gods Original Soundtrack is available on our Steam page today.
If you missed the chance to pick it up, we recommend getting it now. Currently, there are 26 tracks with 54 minutes of music. We plan to add more tracks while we're in Early Access. Ian Dorsch is our long-time friend and the composer of the soundtrack.


We hope you enjoy it as much as we do! Click Here to check it out;)


Digital Items/Tier Rewards Keys:

We'll also send out Steam keys for the elite grappling hook, outfits, pouch, soundtrack, wolf skin, and pets that sure-tier backers will receive.

These items are not necessary to play the game and are merely a fun way to say thank you to those that want to back for more and assist in our development.
We'll look to create ways for all players to access versions of these assets in-game at a later date, but for now, they are specific to those backer tiers.

Here are some images of those higher-tiered items:

Praey for the Gods Outfits

So what's next!?

Rest?! Hahahahaha NOPE! We'll be even more heads down. First, we'll pour over new feedback from our new players, identify any outstanding issues that crop up, and prioritize that against our future tasks. We'll ride the crazy that happens during a launch of a game. After that, we plan to jump into new features and content we've been looking to work on for some time. (we'll share those in the next update!)

Outside of those updates, we're incredibly excited to release Praey for the Gods into Early Access and can't wait to hear what you think!

Launches are crazy!

Launches are stressful for large companies, let alone for a small team of three. We are doing our best and, thankfully, have a great group of mods that can answer additional questions on our Discord. I'd highly recommend contacting us on our Discord to get information during our initial launch.

Thank you again for your support
No Matter Studios

Exclusive Desktop Background

Praey for the Gods Desktop background

Until our next update, here’s an exclusive desktop background for our backers and newsletter readers / All images © 2019 - No Matter Studios, LLC

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