Praey for the Gods – Newsletter #2



What have we been up to?

The month of October was definitely a blur. We spent a lot of this time responding to all the comments and reading as much of the feedback, both good and bad. Things have been returning to a more normal state and so we’ve been able to spend much of our time focusing on our vertical slice. Our screenshots have shown some of this and we’ll begin discussing that as well as our progress update. We also have some linked a couple news articles, videos, etc.

What are we working on now?

Refinement of the Bow Mechanic

Since the trailer and the last newsletter the bow has come a long way. When we first put the bow in we had in mind that we wanted it to be completely realistic and shoot with an accurate amount of physics. After implementing it this way we quickly learned how hard it was to aim, especially in a quick moving combat scenario. Since then we have revamped the way the bow works, making it a much nicer experience even in this early point of development. The aiming reticle has changed, during the time of the trailer it used to be a line that showed part of the trajectory that the arrow was going to take. It is now a circle which lets you know how accurate the shot is. The circle shrinks as you pull the bow string back and you can even pull back to an overdraw which takes a couple seconds more but will make the circle shrink to a much more accurate shot.

Moving around makes the shot less accurate and the circle will grow, as is seen in most modern FPS and third person games. Standing is still the way to get the most accurate shots. A simple addition that made a huge difference was the addition of trail effects to the arrows when shooting the bow. These trails let you see very clearly where your arrow went so you can adjust your aim or if you want, try to retrieve your arrow if it hasn’t broken from the shot. While we’re happier with it now, we intend to be continually tweaking the bow much more before release.

Vertical Slice ­ Update (In Progress)

 - Day/night cycle ­ - Review
 - Campfire system ­ - First Pass
 - Resource system ­ - First Pass
 - Expanded exhaustion system ­ - Rough
 - Improved bow/arrow controls - ­ Review
 - Enemy/player interaction and stealth - Started

Wait...what does “In Progress” mean? What does any of this mean?
Typically, in a development environment you can have a number of different measures of “done”. Just about every studio does this differently, and for the sake of ease we’ve come up with a ranking of 4 status updates for now. As we progress further in development we intend to get more formal with our representations of “done”.  Especially, as our quality bar gets higher.

For now we’ll go with this:
Started < Rough < First Pass < Review

Started = Code/Art/Design has begun
Rough = You can see, or test the results in game
First Pass = Feature is checked in game and available but has bugs
Review = Feature is completed and ready for team review to decide what next steps are. (ie: further polish)

Want more content?!

We’ve had a very global response and it’s been amazing. Below are a couple we really liked this month. Some are done in Brazilian (Portuguese), and German.
Google Translate only goes so far for us. If anyone is up for translating them, please contact us at [email protected]

Exclusive Desktop Background

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Interesting Articles:

YouTube responses:

Fiaspo Games (Brazilian)

Rocket Beans TV: Game Plus (German)

Got questions/inquiries?

Feel free to send them to [email protected]
We’ll do our best to answer them.

Thanks again for your support,
Brian, Tim and Chien 

-No Matter Studios

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